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Earn the continuing education for credentialed coaches that you need
in time to renew your ICF Credential by the end of 2018.

Continuing Education For Credentialed CoachesThe Deeper Conversations Coaching Program, continuing education for credentialed coaches, offers YOU the chance to earn up to 30 CCEUs in plenty of time to renew your ICF Credential by December 2018. Participate with other coaches just like you and take an in-depth look at some of the powerful ICF Core Competencies from a new and deeper perspective. You will also have the opportunity to coach and receive mentoring from our expert facilitators to move your coaching skill to a new level of expertise.

Continuing Education For Credentialed Coaches:

The Deeper Conversations Coaching was very beneficial for me as a coach and as a person. Every single class helped me to review and focus on the ICF Competencies and more importantly, how to apply them in my daily coaching practice. Also hearing the coaching sessions exposed me to different styles and different approaches. That was extremely beneficial for me. Sheri and Jamee create a unique, rich, safe, creative learning environment! Definitely one of the best learning experience you can have as a coach!

~Anna Mandelli, ACC

Hearing other coaches approaches, questions, and insights was invaluable. Getting a different perspective or validating mine was affirming. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the sessions. By far the best continuing Education that I have had to date. You ROCK!

~Sterling Gross, PCC

… I am very grateful for the time, creativity, resourcefulness, and grace you three (Sheri, Jamee and Anne) have invested in this program. I also appreciate the flexibility and user-friendliness of your design, as well as your always prompt and full-service responses to any of my queries and confusions.

~Ann Cheng, PCC

Deeper Conversations is a great program for recertification or just to tune up your coaching. A safe and invigorating place to connect with other talented coaches and share ideas and experiences. I’ve been coaching for 15 years and learned something new at every class.

~Kate Steinbacher, PCC

I like how Jamee and Sheri intentionally held space for our class to provide their experiences and learning which created a expansive learning environment. I especially enjoyed the creation of a true community of learners in our virtual classes through the re-statement of our agreements in each class (creating safety) and the centering exercises.

~Sidney Craig Courtice, ACC

This experience was amazing. I felt like we have become a cohort lifting each other up along the way by getting positive feedback, learning from each other and being in a truly supportive space. Anne was an amazing facilitator. She offered variety, sensitivity and compassion as she fostered a culture of acceptance and inspired growth. I would highly recommend this program to anyone considering it. I will participate again in the future and am willing to speak to anyone in doubt and considering the program.

~Barb Girson, ACC

At last I have found the place I can come to hear live, high-level coaching that expands my thinking about my own possibilities! Thank you SO much for providing this opportunity to learn and grow. Just one call, and I can already feel the value this brings to my own practice.

~Martha Newman, J.D., PCC

The Deeper Conversations coaching course proved of benefit to me by its laser-focus on the ICF competencies. Every session brought a renewed attention to remembering, understanding and applying the competencies in our daily coaching practice. In addition, the interchange with the other coaches brought individual and unique perspectives to the application of the coaching process to myriad real-life situations. This gamut of topics was enhanced by the remarkable international and multi-cultural atmosphere created by the chemistry between the coaches and facilitators. The way you created and held a safe and positive environment enabled us to enhance our learning experience in an optimum way. I am leaving this course with a renewed respect for the coaching profession and the wonderful people who work in it.

~Nathan Geisler, M.A, PCC

What has been particularly beneficial is hearing others coach, and especially what I gained from coaching a participant during one of our sessions. Although I was anxious about it ahead of time, I knew this was an extremely safe space and I trusted that the feedback would be valuable. I was not disappointed! There’s no doubt that my experience from Deeper Conversations has enriched my coaching career. I’m so very grateful to Sheri, Jamee, and my fellow classmates for their input, support, live coaching, creative thinking, and wisdom. Thank you all!

~Deb Waterstone, BCC

Great to have the input/ideas/perspectives of mentor coaches each of whom I find highly credible as mentors, articulate, endorsing, nimble, and in other ways excellent. I am also greatly enjoying that you are new to me – refreshing new voices. Also great to revisit the coaching competencies – haven’t reviewed them in a long time and meanwhile my coaching has been evolving in its own way, so the review functions kind of as a reality check and opportunity to ask, ‘How am I doing, how am I still honoring the basics, where could I do some fine tuning?

~Sharon Teitelbaum, MCC

I completed my weeks of Deeper Conversations and really enjoyed the experience. More importantly the process helped to strengthen and allowed time for me to practice coaching in a safe and welcoming environment.

~Tammy Seibert, PCC

Listen in to our Deeper Conversations information call with program facilitators, Sheri Boone, Jamee Tenzer and Anne Kelly, to learn about continuing education for credentialed coaches.

Click here to listen to the Deeper Conversations Preview Call
Click here to download the recording to listen on your computer or phone.

Do you ever feel like everyone else understands the ICF Core Competencies, and you are still trying to figure them out? The truth is that it is an endless journey of discovery and conversation and you can earn CCEUs while you are on the journey.

  • What does it mean to be present when coaching?
  • What strategies can you implement to help you build your ability to get and stay present?
  • “Dancing in the moment?” What does that feel like?
  • Learn how to “go with your gut” and use your intuition.

This Continuing education for credentialed coaches is for you when are ready to go to a deeper level of understanding and awareness in their coaching, plus add some new skills to their tool kits.

Jonathan Ward width=I appreciated the opportunity to take this course by phone in a compressed period of time. Carving out 90 minutes twice a week for a couple of months was much easier than I anticipated. I feel I got more than my money’s worth from the program. The diversity of backgrounds in the class, especially having non-US participants, was a definite plus. The opportunity to coach and receive feedback from the other participants was very valuable as well. WELL DONE!!! I’m deeply gratified for Deeper Conversations!

~Jonathan H. Ward, PCC

Kathleen FeeIn my journey to renew my ACC, I had the pleasure of attending the Deeper Conversations continuing education series, and working one on one with both Jamee and Sheri in mentor coaching. What a gift. Deeper Conversations brought me a greater understanding and appreciation of the ICF Core Competencies, while allowing me to observe and interact with other coaches of varying levels. The sacred space was filled with opportunities to learn, teach, and grow. The mentor coaching by both Jamee and Sheri has been invaluable. I have strengthened and improved my coaching skills under their guidance, and have gained confidence. I highly recommend both the Deeper Conversations class and Jamee and Sheri as mentor coaches. Thank you both!

~Kathleen Fee, ACC

In the Deeper Conversations Course, you are going to discover:

green check A One Stop Shopping solution to earning 30 CCEUs in time to renew your ICF Credential by December 31, 2018.
green check An opportunity to coach and put your new knowledge into practice with a Mentor Coach listening and providing positive and helpful feedback.
green check Conversations designed to delve deeply into the ICF Core Competencies concepts.
green check An opportunity to listen to other experienced coaches and gain insights and new perspectives through their example.
green check How to move your coaching to a new level of expertise.

This continuing education for credentialed coaches program is designed with ultimate flexibility allowing you to register for a minimum of 3 hours/CCEUs, up to the full 40 hours/CCEUs required for your ICF credential renewal. See below for the list of prices.

This is a wonderful way to sharpen your coaching skills and earn just-in-time CCEUs from the comfort of home!”

~Joan Wangler, MCC

It was incredibly valuable to hear from my fellow coaches in action. It was helpful to hear different approaches and techniques, and to contemplate how I might incorporate these strategies to deepen my coaching conversations. The title of the course is accurate and reflective of the value! I appreciated my colleagues willingness to take risks, be open and share their wisdom and experience.

~Diane Locke, MA, PCC

I felt fully supported by my classmates as well as the facilitators masterful approach to mentoring. At the end of every class I felt energized, whole and empowered to integrate my new learning into my coaching practice.

~Tasha Moodley, ACC

Participating in Deeper Conversations with MCC Mentor Coach provided me a wonderful, rich opportunity to refresh my coaching skills. Jamee Tenzer and Sheri Boone are both awesome, skilled mentors, facilitators and coaches! They consistently created a safe place that facilitated coaching learning and skill practice. I highly recommend this program to coaches who want to take their coaching to the next level!

~Denise Shields, PH.D.

Benefits (of the Deeper Conversations Course) have been many. Connection to myself as a coach and to my commitment to my profession and my future clients. Being connected to other coaches all around the globe. Connecting to others in this community of coaching that reassures me there are others with similar values and intentions. Keeping in good practice and a terrific opportunity to keep learning and stretching and growing. Thank you.

~Julie Cusmariu, ACC

I benefited from the sharing of experiences and insights by practicing coaches who have had significant experience coaching in different scenarios. The practice sessions were also very useful in not only practicing as a coach in a very safe environment and getting feedback immediately thereafter, but also in getting coached by senior coaches. For me, the course was a great refresher and re-enforced some of my skills and beliefs.

~Pradeep Mukerjee, PCC

Deeper Conversations Coaching Program (continuing education for credentialed coaches) is your One Stop Shopping solution to renewing your ICF Credential with ease. Would you like to learn more about what it means to hold a space of unconditional acceptance for a client who holds different values than you do? What if you could gain more confidence and expertise with allowing silence and space for your clients’ processes? Would you like an opportunity to learn and grow through sharing with your fellow participant coaches? As mentor coaches and trainers for thousands of coaches over the past 12 years, we have experience that we would like to share with you.

The Program is delivered in 2 sessions per week. The first session will focus on a discussion around a Core Competency as listed below. The second session will offer active coaching in a practicum setting. Participant coaches will have the opportunity to coach and be coached, and receive supportive and positive feedback from the facilitators.**

The series starts on March 5, 2018 and completes on May 9, 2018.

Mondays and Wednesdays for 1.5 hours starting at 12:00 pm Eastern / 9:00 am Pacific. Click here to register

We offer multiple pricing options depending on whether you need all your CCEUs or just some of them.

**In this course you can earn up to 30 CCEUs in the Core Competencies by attending the classes live.

30 hours  $997
27 hours  $947
24 hours  $897
21 hours  $797
18 hours  $697
15 hours  $597
12 hours  $497
9 hours   $397
6 hours   $297
3 hours   $247

Class Syllabus

Week One —   Establishing Trust and Intimacy
Week Two —   Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
Week Three — Meeting Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards 2
Week Four —   Establishing the Coaching Agreement
Week Five —    Coaching Presence
Week Six  —    Active Listening
Week Seven — Powerful Questioning
Week Eight — Creating Awareness
Week Nine —  Managing Progress and Accountability
Week Ten —    ICF Core Competency Review

Even if you don’t need to renew in 2018, get a head start and don’t miss out on this exciting tele-class designed just for you – the experienced coach.

For more information please email:

The Deeper Conversations Coaching Program is an invaluable opportunity to expand, enrich and deepen yourself and your skills as a coach. Expertly structured to be a secure space to learn, relearn or refresh the core competencies of coaching. Not only was this class beneficial for me as a coach but it was also enriching on a personal level. This is an investment worthy of making on a personal and professional level. The instructors are highly skilled, professional, and motivated to facilitate the goals toward your success.

~Lori Tolson, CPC

The Deeper Conversations program exceeded my expectations! I joined the convenient program to obtain the CCEUs needed to renew my PCC. The group of coaches in the program were at different stages in their coaching journeys though, for the most part, more experienced. The deeper exploration of the core competencies, additional practice, and observing coaching demonstrations, was valuable and enjoyable. I walked away with at least one key learning to enhance my practice after each session. I highly recommend Deeper Conversations for those in need of earning CCEUs for renewal or those simply interested in advancing their practice.

~ Carla Street, M.S., PCC

Jamee and Sheri have designed an awesome ten week program; I can’t imagine a better way to cover the core competencies of coaching, allow participants a safe place to practice/improve their coaching, and the opportunity to draw upon so many great coaches’ learnings and practices. There are so many lasting “take-aways”, I am grateful to be a participant in Deeper Conversations.

~Mary T. Miller, PCC

As a result of my work with the Deeper Conversations cohort and coaching mentors, I have learned how to relax more into my coaching. I don’t have to be the “fixer”. I can be more present, listen more closely, ask more insightful questions and hold up the mirror to celebrate the essence of my clients.

~Deb Maher

Your Course Facilitators:

Sheri Boone, MCC

Sheri is a Master Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, a trainer, mentor and supervisor. She is a co-author of Pause: 52 Ways to Shift Any Outcome in Less Than a Minute, a book and card deck of practical mindfulness practices for leaders, the co-creator of the Deeper Conversations Coaching Program, and Chief Coaching Officer for her executive coaching company, Inspired Mastery. Coaching for 16 years, she served for 6 years as the Director of Training and Supervised Coach for the International Coach Academy and currently serves as Director of Training for the Center for Executive Coaching.

In her private practice, as the owner of MCC Mentor Coach, she has successfully mentored many coaches to their MCC credential. Sheri’s passion is guiding and mentoring coaches through certification and credentialing. Sheri holds a B.A. in Social Science/Psychology from Marylhurst University. She received her MCC credential from the International Coach Federation in 2004, her Board Certified Coach certificate in 2011, and is a Master Certified Inspired Learning Facilitator.

Jamee Tenzer, PCC

Jamee Tenzer is a Coach, Trainer and Mentor. For the past 15 years, she has been privileged to work internationally as a coach mentor and trainer and to coach executives and managers in many industries including; entertainment, non-profit and technology. In addition to serving as a trainer and mentor for the International Coach Academy from 2006 to 2015, she also co-developed and continues to serve as a trainer for three ICF Accredited training courses for coaches; Deeper Conversations Coaching, Real Coaching Sessions Unplugged and Mentor Coach Certification. All three programs support coaches in gaining a deeper understanding of the ICF Core Competencies and earning CCEUs for their credential renewal.

In June of 2005, Jamee earned a certificate as a mediator through the Center for Dispute Resolution and collaborated with Mediation Partners to develop and deliver a pilot peer mediation program for middle school students at risk in Los Angeles. She also served as a mediator for youth at risk through the Centinela Youth Services mediation program. Jamee is a member of the International Coach Federation, Producers Guild of America and Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. She holds a CPC certification from the International Coach Academy, a PCC from the International Coach Federation and a BCC from the Center for Credentialing and Education.

Anne Kelly, PCC

Anne is a Leadership Development Specialist, Trainer, Facilitator, and Coach. She earned her PCC in 2010 and is one of ten Master Certified Inspired Learning Facilitators™ in the US. A trainer/facilitator since 1992, and a coach since 2004, Anne finds great joy and fulfillment when the worlds of coaching, facilitation, and training – intertwine!

Anne’s clients have included small business owners, individuals, and holistic entrepreneurs. Currently she provides executive coaching to senior level, federal employees. An active volunteer in her ICF Chapter, Anne facilitates quarterly CCEU-based coaching forums in her city. She also founded and facilitates a monthly discussion group focused on best practices in adult and childhood learning. To learn more about Anne, please visit



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